sidecar rental , Classic Bike Esprit, St Rémy de Provence, France


Make it a family affair
Make it a family affair

The advantages of a motorbike, the advantages of a car…….

When you ride one of our sidecars you will want to savour every moment.  A laid back way of travelling around the Provençal countryside that enables you to immerse yourself in the full ambience of the region.

Holidaying with family, friends, even dogs…….. a whole new horizon is opened up with sidecar travel. And with plenty of carrying capacity you can take the tent, or spend the day round the market  without worrying how you will cart everything home.

Just one warning :

don’t be shy – heads are sure to turn as you pass by .

Please note , certain restrictions apply to our sidecar rental.
 See terms and conditions.

A days sidecar training is obligatory for anyone wishing to rent a sidecar but who has no previous experience with these machines.

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